Monday, November 17, 2014


A few weeks ago a wonderful young man passed away from cancer. We buried him on his 30th birthday.

Adam was a remarkable young man; a true Mensch who would have changed the world had he only had the time. He always saw the best in people, and through him we saw the best that we could be, and we strived to be that better person. His enthusiasm and empathy for everyone and everything knew no bounds. He truly felt and truly loved.

It is only when we lose such a person that we remember how fleeting life is, how much we take it for granted and how meaninglessly we plod through it. And this is tragic considering this only life we are blessed to have.

I recently met two lovely people who stimulate me intellectually and emotionally (and I hope will continue to do), and through whom I (inadvertently) was able to get over my year-long writer’s block. Such people are precious, their friendships something to cultivate like a rare and precious flower. They will make you question your beliefs, your aspirations in life, and the path you are currently walking.

Between losing Batman, meeting the Buddhist and the Doctor, I’ve felt my soul re-open, my hope in mankind rekindled (this eternal optimist had lost herself somewhat). I’m appreciating each day, spending as much time with my loved ones, and being kind to myself. Through this I’ve found myself becoming calmer and more mindful, meditation has become easier, and I’m feeling so much more – especially from a tactile point of view. I’m rediscovering that infantile pleasure of touching surfaces and feeling the trill of textures; scents intoxicate me. It is as tough I have fallen in love. Fallen in love with me, with life, and with all the amazing people in it, all over again.


Carl Sagan wrote in Contact about the universe:

For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only trough love

I love Me. You. Infinitesimally.


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