Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bucket List Review

Last year I wrote up a bucket list for 2012. Let's review and see how well I have done.

1. Canopy Tours. Magaliesburg and then maybe Magoebaskloof and Tsitsikama. This is happening in April. I am waiting for booking confirmations :-)

2. Hot air balloon ride. Still on the books. I will make use of wicount or something like that for a special offer. I am thinking of it as a birthday treat. Mmmmm....

3. Visit the Irene Country Market. Still need to do that. With B&B and the boys :-)

4. Visit the Pretoria Botanical Gardens, and other parks in and around Gauteng. Possibly picnic linked with friends. That would be really nice. Not yet done.

5. Going to the Pretoria Zoo. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Still to be organised.

6. Visit Erica and Hendri in the UK in September. Going with Jen so double trouble! Hehehehe!

7. Regular attendance to the Bioscope. Have not yet been this year, but am going to more "Art House" movies.

8. Taking up ballroom dancing. The tricky part about this is actually finding a partner to go with me. There are usually way more women than guys that go dancing.

9. Explore and discover the hidden gems in Joburg. With the monthly dinner club this is actually happening :-)

10. Teach myself photography through an online course. Spudson to provide me with the details. Hmmm...Had forgotten about this.

11. Going to HQ for 60 day matured sirloin steak. It took Jen and Taryn there in December. It was SOOOOOOOO good. Wanna go again!

12. Visit art galleries and markets. Not quite happening. Come on girl. Off your lazy backside!

Fitness and Weigh Loss Challenge: Week 12

Twelve weeks down and 10kg lost! 

I am really very happy. It's been a very tough 12 weeks I have to be honest, but the reward is immense. I think the worst part was the plateau. It was extremely difficult to remain motivated when not seeing the kilos shift. But I persevered and here I am, with quite a weight loss. I am not really "seeing" it physically, but I am noticing it in my clothes. I was joking with my mom that my one pair of pants have become elephant pants: all baggy around the bum. 

What is really assisting me is all the exercise. I'm at gym three times a week (although I do aim for four times) and I have Pilates once a week. I am also going to start walking longer distances on a regular basis. There is a monthly 5km or 10km walk at the Zoo, which I plan on doing. And I will be doing the 8km 702 Walk The Talk in July! This will really get me fit for my UK trip.

So here's to the next 20kg! In small increments of course :-)